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Esthetic Crown Lengthening

Comparison of Esthetically Crown Lenghtened teeth and short teeth

Esthetic crown lengthening is a dental procedure performed to enhance the appearance of a patient's smile by exposing more of the natural tooth structure. This procedure is often pursued for cosmetic reasons rather than for functional restoration. The main objective of esthetic crown lengthening is to correct a "gummy" smile, where a significant portion of the teeth is covered by excess gum tissue. By reshaping or recontouring the bone and gum tissue around the teeth, more of the natural tooth is exposed, creating a more harmonious and visually appealing smile.

The Crown Lengthening Procedure

  1. Evaluation: Before the procedure, a thorough examination is conducted to assess the patient's oral health and determine the amount of excess gum tissue that needs to be removed.

  2. Local Anesthesia: Esthetic crown lengthening is typically performed under local anesthesia to ensure the patient's comfort during the procedure.

  3. Incisions: Small incisions are made in the gum tissue to access the underlying bone and tooth structure. The goal is to carefully reshape the bone and remove excess gum tissue to expose more of the tooth surface.

  4. Contouring: The dentist or periodontist uses specialized instruments to contour the bone and gum tissue, creating a more natural and balanced appearance.

  5. Suturing: After the necessary adjustments are made, the gum tissue is sutured back into place. The patient may be provided with a protective bandage or dressing to aid in the healing process.

***Recovery: Patients can expect some swelling and discomfort in the days following the procedure. Pain medication and proper oral hygiene instructions are often provided to manage postoperative symptoms. The complete healing of the surgical site usually takes several weeks to a few months.

Beautiful cosmetic smile

Benefits of Crown Lengthening

  • Improved Aesthetics: Esthetic crown lengthening can enhance the overall appearance of the smile, making teeth look longer and more proportionate.

  • Boost in Confidence: By addressing a gummy smile, patients often experience increased confidence and satisfaction with their smile.

  • Versatile Application: While primarily a cosmetic procedure, esthetic crown lengthening can also have functional benefits, especially in cases where there is excess gum tissue affecting oral health.

It's important for individuals considering esthetic crown lengthening to consult with a qualified dentist or periodontist to discuss their specific concerns, expectations, and the suitability of the procedure for their case.

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